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Exhibits, Museums, Galleries and Shows

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   Below are samples of the most recent places where Ezi is  

   Exhibiting and showing works of Art.       

   We could not list or show pictures of all the places that Ezi had exhibited,

   this is only a sample  of the most recent Exhibits and Shows.


Established in 1973

President of the Coral Springs Artist Guild since 2011


 Ezi Exhibited 3 times inside the Coral Springs Museum of Art

 and 5 times in the Museum Lobby

 2015 Two Pieces are being exhibited inside the Museum


The Mask

This 2015 Pourim Mask was Designed and Created for the Jewish Museum of Art. It was donated by Ezi to be auctoned off to benefit the Museum.

 Ezi and his Friend Romero Britto. They both entered the Purim Mask project.

Signature Artist       
 The only Artist Ever to be Signature Artist 2 years in a Row
Ezi being Honored. Photo on the right with the Mayor of Coral Springs
Pictures were published in the Coral Springs Magazine
 Posters and T-shirts were Printed and Sold




Full Page Article with photos were Published in the
Sunday Courier Times - Yardley, PA
To Read Article click on the above photos.

    Tales of the SurfSide City Turtle   
Ezi was Honored by the City of SurfSide Florida
His Painted Turtle is Exhibited in the Main Street of SurfSide

Only 18 Artists were Chosen, Ezi Turtle is #7

        Award Winning Artist in
  the Broward Art Guild and other Galleries, Florida

Painted Easel Art Studio Weston, Florida

Sugar Sand Park Gallery in Boca Raton, Florida

Coral Springs NorthWest Regional Library
Parkland Library, Florida

Anne Kolb Nature Center, Florida

American Orchid Society Gallery, Florida
 Caran Art Gallery, Florida

Deleware River Gallery, Yardley Pennsylvania

Howard Gallery, New Hope Pennsylvania
   Simply S.O.T.A. Gallery, New Hope Pennsylvania

Gallery 125, Trenton, New Jersey
Sand Castle Upstairs Gallery,
New Hope Pennsylvania

Riverrun Gallery, Lambertville New Jersey

Philadelphia Sketch Club Gallery, Pennsylvania

 Below are the entries for the Full Sail Competition

Exhibiting at the Full Sail Gallery

Las Olas on the River Front, Fort Lauderdale FL.



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Ezi is Featured in this Month Parkland Coral Springs Life Magazine

To read full article click on above image  



Ezi is Featured in  Parkland Coral Springs Life Magazine

To read full article click on above image



Article and picture in the Life Publication

To read full article click on above image

Coral Springs Festival of the Arts 2012

Article and picture in the Coral Springs CityeNews

To read full article click on above image

Article in the Community of Excellence Coral Springs

To read full article click on above image

Article mention Ezi in the Coral Springs Focus

To read full article click on above image


Judge's Recognition award at the Broward Art Guild Gallery


Ezi was selected as a Full Sail Artist

Full Sails in Fort Lauderdale is a temporary public art exhibit for 2012 – 2013 in the parks, public right of ways, and private landscapes in the City of Fort Lauderdale. Large masted sculptured sailboats will festoon the City, cutting a vibrant bright colored swath through A1A, Las Olas Boulevard, Riverwalk, Downtown, 17th Street Harbor Shops and SistrunkBloulevard.

Coral Springs Festival of the Arts Flyer - March 17 & 18 2012.

Signed Posters and T-shirts will be sold at the event.

Workshops and Classes

Article in the Sun Sentinel Newspaper on the

Broward Art Guild Gallery

Ezi was photographed and interviewed.

Member of South Florida Artists Association


Member of Coral Springs Artist Guild

Member of the Boca Raton Museum of Art Guild

Member of the Broward Art Guild

Memberof the Philadelphia Sketch Club


Member of Artists of Yardley


   Xanadu Gallery                          Alborques Online Art Gallery


"Ezi Algazi Fine Art Studio"

Books have been published.

 A hard cover book with limited paintings - 20 pages.

A paper back includes most of the paintings - 67 pages

A third book is a hard cover by a different publisher company - 50 pages